What to expect.

Hello LC,

The server is doing great and I see it growing every day. Voting will be up again, as well as many other features that you request on the "issues" page. We have been working hard on the games server, but are likely to hire some extra developers to push out the games server.

Also, Minecraft 1.8 has been pushed back:

On another side note, it's pretty sad to see members of LC doing charge backing donations and trolling. This will not be tolerated. I have been going through an emotional divorce with LC to restore relations with ex-LC players. I do know that this server used to have 200 players on it and I hope we can achieve that number again. My interests are in growing the server, not creating enemies. 

The new Lemon Craft website :)

Thanks everyone for waiting patiently for a new website to come up. Due to lost data from a server change and corrupted hard drive, you will all have to make new accounts.

I am happy to announce that I will be making this website more engaging to everyone using it.

New features so far:

  • A new issues tracker. It's simple, but it will serve a purpose.
  • The issues tracker also support feature requests
  • Fresh forums. Get posting and the original forum topics will be up shorty :)

Thanks to everyone for supporting Lemon Craft!

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